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Join us on:

9:30AM - Sunday School
10:30AM - Worship
6:00PM - Evening Service

7:00PM Family Night


Join us at

Tree of Life Church

Rooted in Christ

Dedicated to God.     Committed to Spiritual Growth.     Helping our Neighbors

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Book your spot today and set sail on a local fishing adventure.

Join Us In Person:

Sundays - 9:30AM (Sunday School)
                 10:30AM (Worship)

Wednesdays - 7:00PM (Family Night)

The Church Experience

Maybe you have never been in a church ... or it has been years.  Here is what to expect so you can feel at ease. 

You will be greeted when you walk in and shown the sanctuary or seating area.  Sit wherever you like - even the back row! 


Free coffee is available in our foyer.  Grab a cup before you are seated.  

There is no dress code.  Wear what is comfortable.  

We will sing some songs and our Pastor will share a message.  There are screens on the front walls that will display the song lyrics and the Biblical texts so you can easily follow along.

When the service ends, people mingle a bit and chat.  You can meet new people or leave right away.  It is all up to you.

You won't be asked to introduce yourself, come to the front and speak in the mic, or do anything embarrassing - we promise!

COVID Impact & Safety

We are following all social distancing requirements during this time.  If attending in person, a face covering is optional.

Stay updated on all scheduled activities by clicking on the COVID  Update link below.

Watch Online

Join us live during our service times or for our Wednesday night Bible study.

Can't make it?  Watch a recorded version and stay caught up with all we are learning together

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Our Location

3905 Woodland Road

Lexington, MN  55014

Tel: 651-340-2857

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